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Prominent Margibian Calls on GOL to Revisit Nat’l Unification Holyday

By: Christain W. Kennedy Sr.

The owner of the Kakata Country Club also known as the Bedell’s Guest House in Kakata City-Margibi County    Mr. Gabriel G. Bedell is calling on the Government of Liberia to relook at former President William V.S. Tubman ideas of National Unification Day that is being celebrated May 14 of each year across the country.

He said as a Mary lander born in 1958, and came to Kakata 9 months later in 1959 to join his father who was an employee of the Booker Washington Institute;  the selection of him to serve as guest speaker of SEDA November 29 2018 Tubman’s birth day celebration  was based on conscious amongst his kinsmen.Mr. Gabriel G. Bedell is a graduate of the St. Christopher Catholic High School and he later obtained a Diploma in Accounting from BWI in 1978. 

Serving as guest speaker at the Frances Mitchell Memorial Academy Auditorium on Thursday November 29, 2018 Hon. Gabriel Bedell said he is grateful to the organizers of the program South Eastern Development Association (SEDA) in Kakata-Margibi County.

According to Mr.Bedell almost every Liberian serves as a living witness to the civil war thattook place in the country when tribes were hunting tribes for no reasons andover One Hundred and Fifty Thousand lives and destroying many properties, wherehe was force to live for 5 years as refugee in Ghana.

He argues the Late President Tubman did not see the unification system in such manners, but his intent was about fostering total togetherness. He brought May 14 Unification Day in Liberia as a styled where a Congo man could married a Mano woman, a Kpelleman stays with a Lorma woman or a Gbandi woman married a Gola man, by so doing it could bring about integration of true unity among all the 16 tribes of Liberia, making civilization much more contributing to Liberia’s growth, peace and development each year. 

The Local businessman said he sees former president William Vacarnarat Shedrach TubmanMay 14 National Unification Day as his biggest and  major contribution to the Liberian dream tobe continue by the current CDC-Led administration and others to come. He called on this new leadership to create avenues to afford young people the needed opportunity to teach them about unification, then the youthful population will start to appreciate it, and not see it as eating heavy day to just merit make at parties. He called on authorities at the Ministry of Education of adopt added curriculum, trained qualify civic instructors to teach about national unity and other befitting holidays to the youthful populations.

The SEDA Guest Speaker also commended former president William Richard Tolbert Jr as one man who kept his Boss Unification policy, to remember in one of President Tolbert Presidential Papers, the Superintendent of Lofa County give an instructions and some other tribe refuse to accept said instructions. The superintendent wrote President Tubman and the sitting President wrote” That I as President will not accept an Emperor in an Empire that ugly thing called tribalism that is trying hard to divide our people shall never exist among our tribes” unquote. And tension in Lofa became normal.

 Hon. Gabriel Bedell outline others major achievements as the building of the Capitol Hill in 1961, that comprises of the Executive Mansion, the Capitol Building, and the Judicial Complexes as the Temple of Justice, from the Old-Government Hospital formerly on Snapper Hills-AShmun Street to the Sinkor John F. Kennedy Medical Center, the building of the Hydro in 1963 where Tubman spent 93million United States Dollars. Monrovia had few fewer roads that was dusty, Mr. Tubman worked to see the LWSC pipes been built almost everywhere, the Capitol Bye-Pass the leads from the University of Liberia main campus to LNP Headquarters current Gender Ministry to G.W.Gibson. Liberia staple food’’ Rice’’ was kept low in the market to enable the common man afford to feed their family. William V.S. Tubmanwas a major brain towards the establishment of the OAU in Sanniquellie-Nimba County. He helped settled confusion across Africa and in Nigeria verses the Biafra saga, where in 9 Countries as the accepted Biafra’s as an Independent State.

Meanwhile, the South Easterners   Development Association has vowed through its leadership to construct modern palaver hutsin all districts in Margibi. The Council comprise of Governor Alphonso A.Nagbe-Head, Assistant Governor Bolton W. Kpaineh- Zecko T. Nyuma- ProgramChairman,Traditional PRO-P.Wleh Sieh and the Grebo Queen-Agatha S. Tulay amongst others.