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Postal Affairs Ministry Honors Dedicated Employees

By O’Neill Philips

The Ministry of Post & Telecommunications on Friday, February 1, 2019 honored twenty employees for their dedicated services rendered the Ministry for several years in various categories including longest serving employees, punctual and committed employees and motivation and tidy employees.

   The Minister of Post & Telecommunications, Cooper Kruah used the occasion to thank the Honorees for their dedicated services to the Ministry. Minister Kruah said the honoring of the employees was his administration way of recognizing their efforts in the achievement of the Ministry’s objective in line with the government’s Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, adding they did something “extraordinary”.

   Cllr. Kruah noted that the employees who received the honor and certificates went a little further in their performances.

      He assured the employees that the program will be a regularly routine at the Ministry; challenging

other employees to see the honoring scheme of their colleagues as encouragement to perform efficiently in their areas of assignment.

   Speaking further, the Liberian Post Master General revealed that his administration is in the process of procuring a scanner that will scan parcels entering the Postal Complex for dispatch. He said the scanner will detect illegal items that are contained in parcels.

   The Minister warned against employees getting involved in mail theft and tempering, stressing that “if anything went wrong it would reflect negatively on the entire administration”.

He also mentioned that plans are on the way to introduce the Postal Financial Services, Repairing the Elevator at the Ministry which has been damaged since the inception of the war, and the introduction of the Universal Access Service for rural postal


   Speaking on behalf of the Honorees, the Director of Philatelic, Mr. AmaduSarnor thanked and praised the administration for the recognition. He added “the honoring of the employees was laudable as it has been a very long time since such program was held at the Ministry”.

  Director Sarnor called on administration to increase the employees’ Special Allowance (SP) decrying that the current SP being received by employees need to must match their statuses.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry has begun the Second Phase of the National Postal Address System (NAPAS), with the proper marking of structures from the Vamoma House towards the beach side in Sinkor towards Johansen in Monrovia. The Ministry has completed the erection of Directional signboard in the Sinkor area for their proper demarcation and identities with their unique numbers.

    Minister Kruah maintained that the proper identification of structures in Liberia will provide easy access to mail delivery and assuage the problem of structure identification adding, ”when completed ambulances, fire service workers and security apparatuses will benefit from the NAPAS project”.