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Man 32 Detained For Killing Son

By: Kermu O. Massaquoi

Monrovia City Court Judge, Kennedy Peabody, has detained a 32-years-old man, identified as Murfee G. Musa Sr., at the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly killing his sixteen (16) years old son also identified as Murfee G. Musa Jr., and buried him overnight at the Better Hill Cemetery located in Paynesville outside Monrovia.

            According to the Liberia National Police (LNP), the boy was living with his father and step mother when the incident occurred.  Police reports said the deceased chap was expelled from the Mount Zion 72nd Community School by the Administration due to his stubborn behavior and involvement in smoking narcotic substance in several ghettos in the community and also taking away valuable items from his father home for sale.

    During November 29, 2018, according to the police reports, the deceased allegedly took away his father cellphone and soldit, but he returned home under alcoholic beverage only to inform his father,Musa Sr. that he was attacked by a group of unknown men.

           “Upon hearing the information his father got very angry and started beating him severely which led to his untimely death while in their kitchen”, the report further said.

         The LNP further said, the next morning the boy father Murfee G. Musa went in the kitchen to look after his son deadlying g on the floor.

          According to the police, suspect MusaSr. narrated to them that the deceased was his biological son who was born November 8, 2001.

       Furthermore, the police reports said,suspect Musa said he has registered his son at the Mount Zion School, but he later noticed that his son was always in the habit of taking in narcotic substance while on campus and not focusing on his education.

   The LNP quotes the suspect as saying that his son has been causing lot of problems that are always putting him infrustration.

     On November 29th 2018, according to the police reports, the suspect has been advising his son not to leave the house and to give him a phone call in case of any emergency situation at the house.

   Police said when the deceased father returned home he did not meet his son home and upon returning home the next day he got so mad and begun to beat him. The police has therefore charged suspect Musa with the crime manslaughter in violation of Chapter 14, Subchapter A, section 14.2 0f the penal code law of Liberia, pending court trial.