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GoL Promises Busy 2019 on Roads

By: Edward Blamo

Constraints analysis conducted on Liberia’s development have all placed roads and electricity on the front burner. And the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), President George M. Weah development vision reckons that and has since placed the construction of primary roads across the country top of its priorities.

    Already, about 20 community roads are getting asphalt pavements including Dry Rice Market-Johnsonville (11.5Km),Fair Ground Road Buchanan City (1.50), Duazon Sand Beach Road (1.0Km), Sophie Road (1.2Km), VOA ELWA Community Access Road (1.5Km), and Manatema Road(1.7Km). Others are ELWA R2 Community Access Road (1.0Km), Cooper Farm Jangaba Road (1.0Km), Thinker Village Telecom Road (2.2Km), Soul Clinic Road (2.5Km),Rehab Community Road (2.5Km) and the Morris’ Farm (3.0Km).

   Also earmarked for Asphalt or Concrete Pavement with the total length of 12.6Km targeted roads include Dakquee Town Road (2.0Km), Fanti Town Road (0.6Km), Banjor CommunityRoad (2.5Km), Inner GSA Road (0.5Km), A.B. Tolbert-12 Houses Bye-pass Road(0.75Km), St. Francis Road (1.3Km) and Nickley Town Road (2.7Km), Police Academy-Weaver Street Road (0.75Km) and Bernard Farm Road (1.5Km).

Appearing on state radio, Deputy Information Minister for Technical Services Boakai Fofana intimated that in addition to the copious of community roads undergoing pavements, the government will be busy 2019 connecting critical road networks linking key economic zones across the country.

   He touted “we have got some commitments from Arab lenders so we can have the road from Gbarnga which goes through Salayea to Voinjaman. On the Coastal road project, we are working with the World Bank to find other innovative ways to finance those projects, and we have gotten a US$100m commitment from ECOWAS Development and Investment Bank EDIB to finance part of the Coastal Road. And we are still looking for additional financing”.   “The Sinnequlle to the Guinea border is financed by the European Union. And the World Bank will finance the road from Ganta to Tapita onwards to Zwedru, GrandGedeh County. The government is working so hard and the President is going all out to secure the support”, he said.