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EPA Launches CBIT Project

By: Zee Roberts

The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Dr. Nathaniel Blama has launched a project to build and strengthen Liberia’s national capacity, (CBIT) for the implementation of the transparency elements of the Paris Climate Agreement in Liberia.

Director Blama made the assertion Wednesday February 27, 2019 at a one day Building and Strengthening Liberia’s National Capacity to implement transparency Elements of the Paris Climate Agreement at a local hotel in Sinkor.

According to the Executive Director of the EPA, the CBIT is considered as Liberia’s transparency initiative and a bold step for the implementation of the Paris agreement for the growth of the Country.

Dr. Blama added that the CBIT group consists of 40 countries who are full members in the CBIT, although he did not name the countries.

Dr. Blama added that the launch was meant to provide details on goals, objectives, outcomes and outputs of the project, as well as for providing information on green climate funds, and the monitoring and reporting of requirements.

According to Dr.Blama, who served as keynote speaker at the occasion, it is required under the Paris agreement that every country needs to strengthen their reporting processes by engaging transparency and including Stakeholders to redefine process.

He further said as participants of said workshop, there should be a strong commitment towards such an agreement process so as to enable the country move in growth.

He used the occasion to reveal that the last inter-governmental climate change meeting reported the increase in temperature, which shows that life  will be under series of severe threats, adding that temperature needs  to be kept under two degrees centigrade.

The Executive Director further explained that everyone also needs to take serious action, so as to be able to support the climate change as a country, as Liberia is in a process growth and has already transferred to the NDC to have a national frameworks to determine its contributions towards the Paris agreement.

The Director further stated that in doing so, the country will be able to settle and tackle a plan, on how it will keep the Earth towards a safe place, noting that the EPA is working hard with the United Nation Commission for Africa to develop a National strong policy document which will be available to the public upon its completion.

He stressed that the document will actually help us as a country to find areas of national concern that will really impact climate change.

Dr. Blama disclosed that participants are going to see the sea level by visual demonstration, as well as the costal problems and rainfalls that affect the farming seasons to impact the earth worms against different crops, adding that climate Change is not a dream, but something real.

He said that there is a need for us as country, to tackle the challenge of climate change noting that if this is not done the nation will suffer.

Mr. Blama said as a least developing nation, we are more impacted as a result of climate change, because can be vulnerable people; hence there is a need to have a resilience or support for the citizenry in Liberia.

He indicated that in other to do that, there is need to strengthen the national institutions through national reporting process by meeting our national obligation.

“If we can understand the challenges of climate change, we can put into place positive measures that will help tackle the situation,” the EPA boss Blama said.