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3 Females Charged For Felonious Restraint

By: O’Neill Philips

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has charged three women for felonious restraint, simple assault and disorderly conduct, and forwarded them to court for prosecution.

According to police records in our possession,  Rolex Gbala 25, Helen Benson 27 and Blessing Doe 35 was have gone through preliminary investigations by the police, and found culpable of gruesome acts against Shakolo Conto, their victim.

Police inquiries show that the three women conspired, and with pretense removed their victim, Shakolo Conto from her house  to an unknown area against her will,   stripped her naked and physically assaulted her.

The police report indicates that while the women were assaulting their victim, one Helen Benson who is a co – defendant was video clipping the scene, adding that the trio also took away the victim’s phone and alleged that she was using the phone to create fake account from which she was issuing threats on them.

 The investigation also established that the victim, Shakolo Conto and her assailants were friends but later suspected her of opening fake Facebook account under the name “Martha happy Doe,” and made all kinds of negative statements against their husbands which did not go down well with them.

The three women, in their ploy against their friend stripped her naked and videotaped their barbaric actions against her, and posted it on Facebook, which has a wide coverage online.